iOS 13.1, iPadOS Released With Bug Fixes and New Features: What’s New, How to Download and Install

iOS 13.1, iPadOS Released With Bug Fixes and New Features: What's New, How to Download and Install

iOS 13.1 is available to all compatible iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 11 series

  • iPadOS includes all the major iOS 13 features
  • There are new iPad-focussed changes, too
  • iOS 13.1 brings new emoji changes

Apple has released iPadOS to all compatible iPad models. The new operating system is the first platform designed specifically for the iPad hardware with a redesigned Home screen and tons of new features. Alongside the iPadOS release, the Cupertino company has brought iOS 13.1 to all compatible iPhone and iPod touch models. The new iOS version is aimed to fix all the major bugs that debuted through iOS 13. However, there are also new features that are coming through iOS 13.1 to your Apple device. The iOS 13.1 update also fixes some of the preloaded emojis.

What’s new with iPadOS

As announced at WWDC 2019 back in June, Apple has brought iPadOS with an aim to enhance productivity on iPad devices. The new platform includes many of the iOS 13 features that iPhone and iPod touch users have observed since last week. These include QuickPath to enable slide-to-type on the QuickType keyboard, custom fonts for apps, system-wide Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, and Apple Arcade integration within the App Store among others. There are also updated versions of pre-installed apps such as Apple Maps, Files, Notes, Photos, and Reminders.