Watch: Make Restaurant-Style Chinese Corn Curd Snack At Home (Recipe Video)

Watch: Make Restaurant-Style Chinese Corn Curd Snack At Home (Recipe Video)

Chinese Snack Recipe – Corn Curd

  • Corn curd snack are fried fritters made of corns and corn flour
  • It is a Chinese speciality and is available in most restaurants
  • Here is a recipe to make restaurant-style corn curd at home

Indians love the typical traditional meals of roti, rice and sabzi and if there’s anything that comes a close second, that is Chinese cuisine. You can find Chinese vans everywhere in Indian cities and restaurants serving opulent Chinese delicacies. That just shows how much we love Chinese food. But sadly, we have still not championed the art of cooking perfect Chinese food. Although most of us can cook a dish or two (read: noodles and manchurian), it still can’t match up to what we get in authentic Chinese restaurants. One dish that we all love to try when we go out to Chinese eateries is – corn curd snack. The fried fritters make for an exceptional appetiser and also as a tea time snack.

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This corn curd dish made with corns tastes differently and you can serve it at the party you host to impress your guests. Corn flour acts as a thickening agent to make the dish rich and with heavy texture. Spring onions add a nice green colour and some crunchiness to the dish. Serve it with chilli oil sauce or Manchurian sauce. This dish will be made exactly like what you get in Chinese restaurants.

The restaurant-style recipe of Chinese corn curd is shared by Ananya Banerjee, a food vlogger, who posted the recipe video on her YouTube channel ‘Chef Ananya Banerjee’. Watch the video here and make this amazing snack at home like a professional cook.