Out shooting with the iPhone 6S Plus’ camera

Apple’s brand new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been given a whole host of new features over their predecessors, but it’s the new camera that I’ve been giving the most attention.

The iPhone 6 was already one of our favourite camera phones, but with an upgraded 12-megapixel sensor, I was keen to see what the new snapper can achieve.

I’ve put the iPhone 6S Plus through a series of challenging trials, alongside its main rival the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the previous iPhone 6 to see how it stacks up.In an unusually sunny West London, the iPhone 6S Plus took some superb shots, with very rich colours and great exposure. It had the iPhone 6 beaten in terms of clarity (unsurprising, given the increase in resolution), and had more natural colours than the Galaxy S6, which erred for a warmer colour tone in many shots