Chocolate Fudge Cookies Recipe

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  • Recipe Servings: 4
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 Minutes
  • Total Cook Time: 35 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

A chocolate lover’s delight, chocolate fudge cookies are wonderfully soft and fudgy from inside with an intense chocolate flavor. The chocolate flavor comes from adding a whooping amount of melted dark chocolate to the batter.

Ingredients Of Chocolate Fudge Cookies

  • 1000 Gram Dark Chocolate Coverture
  • 500 Gram Butter
  • 200 Gram Sugar
  • 10 Nos Eggs
  • 1250 Gram Flour
  • 25 Gram Baking Powder
  • 5 Gram Salt
  • 50 Gram Cocoa Powder
  • Vanilla Essence

How to Make Chocolate Fudge Cookies

  1. 1.Cream the butter and sugar in the machine.
  2. 2.Add the melted chocolate and then mix together.
  3. 3.Add eggs and vanilla essence.
  4. 4.Fold the mixture with flour, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder.
  5. 5.Mix together with the chocolate chips. .
  6. 6.Roll into cylinders of 4.5 cm diameter and freeze it.
  7. 7.Cut the cylinder into 1 cm thick pieces and bake at 180°c for 10 min.
  8. 8.Serve and store in an air-tight container.

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